Quicksilver Sport Exhaust system (3.0 V6 SuperCharged) 2018-2020

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Range Rover Sport 3.0 V6 SuperCharged - Sport System with Sound Architect™ (2018-20)

Our Sport system for the 2019 on Range Rover Sport 3.0 V6 SuperCharged, offers the driver a definitive sound track with full active valve control.

The Euro-spec models in particular have petrol particulate filters which rob the vehicle of its potential soundtrack.

QuickSilver have the solution.

We have analysed the sound of the vehicle and determined which elements should be suppressed and which enhanced.

Our system comprises of 3 key ingredients: smaller rear sections with dual valves and redesigned internals, a non-resonated free flowing Y-Pipe and our 'Sound Architect' module for full valve control. The culmination is a robust V6 tone which pops and burbles nicely on the over run in Sport mode and a refined tone in Standard mode for daily driving.

The overall result is a massive improvement with the autonomy to control the valves without interference from the car for two distinct driving experiences.

This system can also be installed on all U.S. / export spec vehicles.

**excludes models with deployable tow bar**



• Defined V6 sound with accentuated pops, bangs and burbles
• Sound Architect standalone valve control for full autonomy over volume
• Y-Pipe centre section for a robust V6 tone
• Improved throttle response
• QuickSilver branded 100mm carbon tips for a unique 'SVR' look


Our Sound Architect exhaust systems comprise of two separate gas paths within the internal design of the exhaust system and an electronic flap-valve decides which path is taken, Sport or Standard. This valve/s is controlled by the QuickSilver APP on the driver's bluetooth device.

The valved QuickSilver Sound Architect systems are also truly 'plug & play'. The electronic module simply connects to an existing 12v accessory socket and a lead then connects to the valve/s on the exhaust. There in no intrusion into any of the car's existing systems and no re-wiring is necessary.

The electronics are designed in-house and are proudly manufactured here in the UK to an impeccable standard and tested before dispatch.