Defender L663 Gloss Black Roof Light Pod Kit

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The Roof Light Pod kit is a fantastic visual and practical upgrade for your Defender. When matched with our other Gloss Black or colour co-ordinated external upgrades, it creates a very distinctive and high-end look.

Our kit has been specifically designed to be easier to install and use than other light pods currently on the market. It does not require any drilling into the roof, or modifications to the dashboard/fascia to add wiring and a switch. Fitting is simply a case of attaching the base frame to the roof using a high-bond automotive adhesive and running the wiring down the A-pillar beside the windscreen into the engine bay. The switch is a wireless remote, and can be kept handy or fixed to the vehicle interior using the provided 3M tape.

Both the Style 1 and Style 2 light pods have a total output of over 50,000 lumens, as measured fitted to a vehicle.